Discovering “Thai Escape Treatment” at the Bvlgari Hotel London Spa

London is hectic, but after a stressful working day there is a place where you can disconnect and treat yourself to the best massage in the city.

The new designed by Antonio Citterio, Bvlgari Hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge, London, hosts an amazing spa, with a large pool with cabanas, state of the art gym and a relax area that will blow your stress away.

I truly recommend you to try the THAI ESCAPE specially designed by Igor Mitric. It is a 120 minutes treatment, holistically approached that treats body, mind and they even say, spirit.

First, breathe in and then breathe all your troubles out.

Then the impeccable staff will serve you a rich flavoured Bangkok Tea, which is a blend of Green Tea, Lemongrass, Vanilla, Coconut and Ginger. Sip this blend rich on antiox that will boost your immune system and will calm your interior down.

Meanwhile, you will be given a gentle foot bath that will give you warmth and will relax you for the following hour.

Then abandon yourself to the smoothing, rhythmic and flowing treatment that is based on gentle Thai stretching, acupressure massage, and use of steamed herbal compresses.

These herbal compresses consist of a mixture of herbs such as prai, turmeric, kaffir lime and tamarind and its use minimizes your fatigue and stimulates your internal organs, blood and lymph circulation.

While the massage makes you feel more energetic and reliefs all the muscular tension.

The combination of both along with the aromatherapy and thermal therapy will melt the muscular tension and will leave you feel, light, energised, and free. What else can you ask for?

You will soon feel the benefits, as I did!! Igor you changed my day…

Bvlgari Hotel London

171 Knightsbridge

telf: +44 (0) 20 7151 1010


4 thoughts on “Discovering “Thai Escape Treatment” at the Bvlgari Hotel London Spa”

  1. I have done the Thai escape treatment and believe me its impressive how you feel after it!!
    If you are in London and have two hours to let Igor Mitric transport you to Thailand dont doubt about it….

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